I love photographing all the gorgeous smiles and cheekiness that oozes from our little pre-schoolers. They honestly make my heart and camera sing! For me it’s all about capturing the children as naturally as possible. This is done by engaging with them and really letting them do what they do best – PLAY!

My services are fuss-free and all driven online. This takes away the stress from the centre to cahse hard copy forms, collecting payments and liaising with the parents. Instead, the process is made extremely easy by letting the parents register, order & pay online via The Urban Sparrow. Saving everyone a lot of time!

My process is very simple. The only time that your centre will need to be involved, is to notify the parents via email that photography will be happening at the centre (on agreed dates). You are provided with a web-link to send to them, where the parents are directed to register online. All the printed photos will be delivered in labelled packages to the centre (one drop off). The parents will collect them from you.

Types of photos:

  • Mostly outdoor play (Weather permitting)
  • Indoor activities
  • Class group photo (Kinder only)
  • Sibling shots (Younger/older children attending the centre, twins etc)
  • Here is a gallery showcasing my pre-school photography style – Photo gallery

Packages on offer to the parents:

  • Here is an example of what is offered to the parents – Photo packages
  • Also on offer, is a beautiful printed 6 page booklet with your centre’s logo printed on there.

The process:

  • A meeting to discuss best dates to run the photos and nut out a few other details.
  • The centre is provided with a web-link form along with flyers/info that is emailed to all parents.
  • Parents register & pay their $15 deposit online through The Urban Sparrow. (Their $15 deposit can be used as credit when purchasing photos)
  • Parents will be notified via The Urban Sparrow as to which day their child will be photographed.
  • Photography commences (depending on how many participate this could be anything from 2-5 days).
  • Approximately 10-15 minutes photo time with each child.
  • Within 2-4 weeks after photography, parents will receive an online gallery (password protected) for each child.
  • Parents have 2 weeks to place their orders and pay online.
  • PRINT orders are delivered to the centre approximately 5 weeks after they’ve made their orders. (One drop-off to the centre for parents to collect).

Involvement from your centre:

  • Meeting to discuss dates and any questions you might have. (Due to COVID, these now need to be done over the phone).
  • You will be provided with digital & printed flyers to notify parents of the photography opportunity. Along with a web-link for them to register.
  • Handing out the printed photos (packages) that will be delivered to the centre in one drop-off (Parents to collect from you).
  • All parents queries are directed to us about registering, deposits, allocated photo day, packages, payments, gallery queries etc to ensure that you are not bombarded with questions!

As a thank you, I provide the centre with:

  • Staff headshoots
  • Staff group shot
  • Student photos. (PLEASE NOTE: When parents register, they are asked if they consent to their photos to be used publicly by the Urban Sparrow and your centre. I will only share/pass on the the photos of the children whose parents have consented to this).

The Urban Sparrow has:

  • Public Liability
  • A current Working with Children Check

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email:

Or please call 0477 425 716.

I look forward to hearing from you.