What is your shooting style?

I’m a lifestyle/documentary photographer. I capture candid moments & details that all come together to create a photo story. The majority of the photos from the day will be natural and not posey. It’s my aim to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera and I’ve been told I do this very well! At times, you will receive direction or cues from me for the group/portrait shots. But it will feel more like we are all just hanging out, laughing, sharing funny stories and I’ll be there capturing whatever naturally happens.


Where abouts are you based?

I live in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, just North of Melbourne. I especially do love to travel and explore different parts of our amazing planet! So please let me know, where you plan to have some snaps taken and I can let you know about costs etc.


How long should we expect to receive our images?

For weddings, you will receive your photos within 8 weeks. For 1-2 hour portrait/family shoots, I allow 3 weeks. All other shoots will depend on shooting time and requirements.


Do we receive the high-resolution printable files?

YES! With all private shoots, I always hand over the finished high-resolution files. This means that all of your photos are edited and ready for you to print. I don’t charge any extra for these digital files. They are yours to keep and print/share as much as you like!

If it is Pre-School photography that I’m doing at your child’s centre, then you’ll be notified beforehand as to how the images will be available for purchase.


We may not need 200 photos, is it the same price if there are less photos?

The nature of documentary photography is to capture images that show the mood, people, space and the details of that moment in time. Every one of those elements make up your photo story. Each shoot varies and depends on the amount of people, what needs to be captured and what naturally happens in the time I’m there. So the amount of photos is different every time. I place an approximate figure on my quotes just to give people an indication.
Every photographer works differently. Some offer packages where you only pay for the session and then purchase digital packages with varying amounts of digital and/or printed photos after. This is more of a “sell after package’ approach.
Where as others (like my myself) offer you 1 product/service. You receive everything, the session & all the high-res digital images. You know what the final price is up-front. I like that this allows the customer to choose which photos they would like without having the pressure of choosing a certain amount. This is also great when you’ve got large extended families where people might like to choose different photos.

Please note, when doing pre-school centre photography, I operate with “sell after packages” as this has proven to be the best way for customers with varying budgets etc.


What are your rates?

Please check out my Investment page for all the costs and information. Otherwise, if you’d like to talk in more detail, please give me a call (0477 425 716) or shoot me an email rebecca@theurbansparrow.com .


What should we wear? (Family/lifestyle/portrait sessions etc)

I get asked this a lot and to be honest, as my style is very natural and all about capturing you all doing your thing, it’s really important that you feel comfortable and at ease. If that means turning up in your pyjamas, then I’d take my hat off to you! The photos are about YOU. And yes, there are colours and patterns that can sometimes clash, but I’ve never in my whole time of shooting had an issue with photos looking terrible because peoples clothes aren’t matching.