I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some time over the years to explore some of our incredible planet… Nature, people & culture play a huge part in what inspires me to create, live, share & dream. It has helped me to connect with others who live a life so different to mine. It’s also taught me to be truly grateful for what I have and what I’ve seen. Travelling opened my eyes and my heart. I will never forget the tears streaming down my face as I approached Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal. I could not believe I had made it. I felt full-filled. And it wasn’t about reaching the top (Although, basecamp really is just the beginning of a journey for the serious mountaineers!!). It was mostly about the journey there. I met SO many beautiful and humble locals along the way. Their lives were embedded into these stunning mountains and surroundings. Hearing the giggles and seeing the beaming smiles from all the cheeky children, made me want to dump my backpack and a build home right there. Sitting back at the end of a days trek, you could see people working in the fields, preparing meals and making the most of the last bit of light. But it was the sound of nature, no urban madness, just soft, humble chatter amongst them and the look of content on their faces as they worked with the land. The respect that they all had for each other and their mountain warmed my heart like you would not believe. And thinking back to it every now and then reminds me to stop, slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy what is around you.