Faces of the Ranges


Documenting #stayathome life
in the Macedon Ranges, during the Covid-19 pandemic

The spirit, positivity, gratefulness and strength within the Macedon Ranges was truly evident as I drove around our neighbourhood. I felt truly humbled that so many wanted to be part of a project like this.
I wanted to try and bring our community closer through photos, so we could see our people out the front of their homes (from a safe distance!). I wanted photos we can look back on and say ‘wow, that was life for us during the COVID-19 pandemic‘. Because of everyone’s great effort to remain at home, we haven’t had to see our community suffer as much as other parts of the world. Let’s hope it stays this way. We are so lucky that we all live somewhere where we’ve been able to hide in our bubbles safely. So please, continue to remain strong for our essential & frontline workers and of course the vulnerable. 

This time has truly been a rollercoaster of emotions for us all, an eyeopener and a time to really think about what matters. It’s so heart-warming to see all the lovely, thoughtful things people do to bring a bit of light back into our worlds during a crisis. The teddies in windows, bunting on fences, a giant rainbow on a nature-strip made out of flowers from a garden, giant hale bales converted into rabbits… The list goes on. So! Here is a bit of a photo story of life in the Macedon Ranges during COVID-19. I hope you can spot some familiar faces in there! And I truly hope the pics bring us all closer together during a time where we’ve had to distance ourselves to protect our most vulnerable. A massive shout out to our essential workers, all those working on the frontline and to anyone out there that is really doing it tough… I hope that as a community we can all rally together and help out anyone that needs (as my dear old Dad would of said) “a little leg-up“. Look out for your neighbours people! Support local to keep us all strong and give a little when you can… 

And for those who took part in this project… Thank you. 🙏🏻


I loved viewing these local pictures, please do more around Macedon.