For the love of coffee


I love coffee. More so since my second child entered the world and decided that sleep was not her strength. Every morning, I stumble downstairs like a grizzly bear who has just been shot in the bum with a tranquilliser. Somehow, I make my way through the morning madness. Porridge is made (QUICKLY) for my cub bears… It has to be at the perfect temperature, bowls and spoons the correct size and served with a drop and a half of honey. Trust me, things can turn seriously nasty if any step in this process is delayed or done incorrectly. During this time, my coffee machine beams at me from the corner of the kitchen. Seriously BEAMS at me. Once the babes have been fed, it’s Mummy’s coffee time. It’s become my ritual and possibly the only slice of time in the morning where I stop, breath, ignore the screams of fighting wild monkeys and fully focus on making the most amazing cup of coffee. So to do this, I need incredibly good coffee beans. And I can honestly say, Little Goat Coffee nails it for me. I’m not just saying this because I love and know the ladies behind Little Goat Coffee. I’m saying this because I seriously LOVE THIS COFFEE! 

So when Amanda & Bianca approached me to take photos for Little Goat Coffee, I was delighted to say the least. These two ladies are a force to be reckoned with. They have brought so much goodness into our community. An awesome cafe  – The Spotted Owl, Ice-Cream – Augustus and of course… COFFEE!

So here is a little photo story of what goes on at Little Goat Coffee. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of love, fun and hard work that goes into those sweet, magic coffee beans! Enjoy…