The Circle of Life


So a year came around pretty fast and we landed back at the weeks leading up to Christmas. Memories and feelings of sitting by my dear old Dad in his final hours came flooding back from the previous year. It had been such a bitter sweet time, with the birth of my second little miracle weeks before it. The incredible circle of life was happening right before our eyes. So, the build up to this anniversary was a bit epic. But then landed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… My two children, full of life and happiness brought back the wonderful and exciting spirit of Christmas. Kids are absolutely amazing in how they can make your heart explode over and over and keep you marching on!! So Christmas this year was celebrated over 2 days. The first day with my family at a place that is incredibly special to us – Cherokee. Sitting under the big old Oak tree that my 3 year old named Oggy Land, which was made a memorial spot for our father. We toasted my dear old Dad and many others we lost around the same time last year. We celebrated their lives. Christmas Day was then at my partners Nan’s place in Maribyrnong, which also holds a tonne of memories for them. It was the first time that we were able to spend Christmas Day with both of our families together, which was pretty special… And I know for sure our departed loved ones were there in spirit. So here is a little photo story of both days. So much love, tears, joy and food!!!